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Our philosophy

People are not only the most important part of your company but also the focus of our consulting services. New employees represent both new opportunities as well as a risk factor for your company. We see our task, in partnership with you, as being to emphasise, to develop and to maintain the qualities of each candidate. We will assist you in the selection, placement and furtherance of your employees.

Our consultation will adhere to our principles. The search for personnel will be carried out exclusively on the basis of firm agreements. It goes without saying that there will be ongoing consultation during the search process. In consideration of your company philosophy and goals we will conceptualise custom made programmes, which are in line with these. Our many years of experience in human resources consulting are your guarantee for the success of a co-operation.

If you have any questions regarding our corporate culture, we recommend that you read the section under the subheading Managing Diversity.
The points cited in this section are reality within our company. You can find information about our company under the heading News. If you require more information, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Executive search

In the search for qualified specialist staff we will proceed rigorously and methodically. In addition to the necessary professional requirements we will also examine the personal and social competence of each candidate. With consideration of individual peculiarities we will search for suitable people within a given time period. Together we will work out a clearly defined profile for the vacancy. During the search we will work with the help of advertisements, direct contact or a combination of both methods.

In principle there are 3 professional ways of personnel recruitment:

The development of personnel within your own company

The classical method of personnel development, i.e. the development of junior members of staff, is traditional in large companies, which have been long active in a particular market. Our company offers corresponding programmes for all levels of business, beginning with the classic vocational training, graduate trainee programmes and further education.

The search for suitable personnel supported by advertisements

There are also various possibilities here. Classically an entrepreneur (unless the position to be filled is in the first or second level of management) would place an open advertisement. That means that both the name of the company as well as the company’s location and all further information required would be supplied. Furthermore there is the possibility of placing a “hidden advertisement”. Here a management consultancy or advertising company will, in addition to its function as contact for the applicants, also frequently take over the selection process.

Of course there is also the so-called direct contact, commonly referred to as headhunting. We will describe the comprehensive direct search (or also executive search) for suitable candidates in more detail in the following section ‘Direct contact’. As always if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Direct search

Commonly referred to also as direct search, executive search or headhunting. This is a tradition, which goes back 50 years. Direct contact is always meaningful when the job market is especially limited in certain branches or sectors. In the last 10 years this has become noticeably the case in the information technology and telecommunications sectors. However direct contact offers further advantages. If anonymity is to be preserved in the first phase of addressing the market, then there is no option available other than the direct search. Also once a certain level of management (executive, company director etc.) has been reached, potential candidates will no longer apply to newspaper advertisements. More likely they will only react to a suitable phone call. In order to prevent misunderstandings: suademus, Krayer & Reudenbach strictly follow our professional ethical principles.

In the following is an example of the direct contact methods used by suademus, KRAYER & REUDENBACH, executive consultants:


Target Profile

The client and the personnel consultancy will generally draw up a target profile. Frequently a description of the position to be filled will already exist, which will form the basis for this target profile.

Company lists

Company lists must be drawn up by the client and the personnel consultancy together. By doing so the protection of both the client and the personnel consultancy is guaranteed, in addition the possible contacting of unsuitable candidates is excluded.

Identification of potential candidates

The main task of the research of the personnel consultant is the identification of potential candidates. Effective research is distinguished by discretion, restraint and friendliness on the telephone.


Qualification of candidates on the telephone, sensitising
The candidate potential gained through the identification process will be now discretely and directly discussed by the researchers and consultants. The researchers and consultants will work closely together in the team. The telephone calls will be recorded. Through this the consultant gains an initial impression of candidate‘s qualifications (professional development, skills) as well as of their communicative abilities on the telephone. Once a basic suitability of a candidate profile has been established, then the candidate will be prepared for a personal interview. The potential willingness of a candidate to change jobs will be determined by the consultant over the telephone. The name of the client will (if not explicitly agreed) not be supplied.

Making an appointment for a personal interview

An appointment for a more comprehensive personal interview will be organised over the telephone. The interview will take place near to the work or home address of the candidate on „neutral ground“, e.g. a hotel lobby.

1. Personal interview

The first personal interview is comparable with a traditional job interview, in which the consultant acts explicitly as the representative for both parties. This should reduce the anxiety of the applicant and allow him/her to answer questions more openly.

Confidential Report

After this first personal interview the consultant will create a confidential report, in which information about the personal impression, qualifications, reasons for wanting to change jobs and requested salary is given.

2. Interview/Presentation

If, after reading the confidential report, the client is interested in getting to know a candidate more closely, the consultant will organise an appointment with the candidate to meet the client.

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